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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

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Change Log – What’s New
(compared to jv16 PowerTools 2017 build
Here is a complete list of bug fixes and improvements that we did since jv16 PowerTools 2017 – Version was released on Friday, June 2nd, 2017:
Bug Fixes
Fix: The Clean And SpeedUp My Computer as well as the Registry Finder can fail to delete certain types of registry keys from the registry.
Fix: Starting the software can in some systems show error “You are currently running this program without full Administrator privileges. “
Fix: The Help > About window can show an incorrect number of licensed computers (the My Account and Find My License tools show the correct number of licensed computers).
Fix: The software can show a warning message of “Removing or modifying this key can be dangerous, are you sure you want to proceed?” for registry keys that are safe to remove.
Fix: With some two year licenses, the software could still say it will expire in one year. This was a simple user interface problem, the licenses are valid, only the expiry date was displayed incorrectly.
Fix: The PowerTools background processes can be ran using more instances that is indeed.
Feature Improvements
Improvement: The software will now automatically add itself to the Windows Control Panel / Programs and Features list for easy access and uninstallation. Before, this was an optional feature.
Improvement: Software Uninstaller will now find more installed software and left-over traces.
Improvement: Added an option to make PowerTools automatically clean all the automatically generated debug data from its Backups folder. To enable this feature, please edit the line “5=AutoCleanPTDebugFiles=False” to “4=AutoCleanPTDebugFiles=True” under “[Maintenance]” section in the Settings\Misc.dat. If the “False” line does not exist, simply add the “True” line as a new line under the maintenance section. We cannot add an option to turn this on and off from the user interface, because that would require an update to every translated version of the software. This feature does not completely remove all automatically generated debug data but greatly limits the amount of the stored data.

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » jv16 PowerTools

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