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* Certain types of VMDK snapshots failed to be recognized as such. This has been fixed.  
* The new extraction method for e-mail attachments had flaws. Those were fixed.  
* The attempt to view files externally or explore archives during ongoing other operations closed the progress indicator window for those other operations. That was fixed.
* The preview of $UsnJrnl:$J is now a true tab-delimited text file, according to user wishes. That means columns are not aligned any more when displayed internally by the viewer component.  
* Avoided possible exception error that could occur when identifying SQLite databases.  
* Fixed inability to sort in the case root window in certain situations.  
* The Replace Hex Values command sometimes failed to find a sequence of hex values. That was fixed.
* Ability to carve in evidence file containers of the new format at the byte level. Useful as a work-around to find unaligned small files in selected other larger files (which have to be copied to the container first, though), without having to run the file header signature search at the byte level on an entire image or disk, which would output too many garbage files and require too much time.  
* Hitting the Esc key now closes all filter dialog windows without activating or deactiving the filter. Before the same behavior was possible to achieve already by clicking the "x" button in the upper right corner of a dialog window.  
* Important for those users who have customized the "File Type Categories.txt" file, file types had to be written in lower case characters, just like in the original file as provided by us, or else the file type filter and the category filter did not work correctly any more. This requirement has been removed.  
* Adding the block as a virtual file to the volume snapshot did not work in search hit lists. This was fixed.
* Message "Please stop ongoing operation first" avoided in situations during logical searches where it should not occur.  
* Extracting files from small other files using File Recovery by Type failed with a read error. That was fixed.  
* Fixed an exception error that could occur under certain circumstances when using the Search | Continue Search command.  
* Some minor improvements.

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На первую страницук этому сообщениюк последнему сообщению

Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » X-Ways WinHex

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