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* Conditional cell background coloring is now available as an option in Options | Directoy Browser. Helps to draw your attention to items of interest without having to filter out all non-matching items. Matching items are found through a substring search in the cell contents of a selected column. Substring expressions may be up to 15 characters long. If a match is detected in a cell, either that only the background of that particular cell can be colored (called "cell-targeted coloring") or the entire line. To color an entire column, regardless of the cell contents, activate cell-targeted coloring for that column and specify an empty condition string, i.e. no condition at all.
If a cell meets multiple cell-targeted conditions or multiple line-targeted conditions, only the first condition of each group will be applied. If different conditions apply to the same cell (one cell-targeted and one line-target color), that cell will be shown in a mix of both colors. For line-targeted coloring, only the first 255 characters in the respective cell are guaranteed to be searched.
Conditions cannot be defined for search hit specific columns, but for event specific columns. That can prove useful when trying to identify patterns in events. For example, you could color all events of type "Program started" in red and log-in events in yellow and see more easily how far apart from each other they are.
Conditional cell background coloring is case-specific if "Store directory browser settings in cases" is selected. It is also stored in and loaded from .settings files. .settings files continue to be compatible with previous versions. Up to 8 conditions may be defined.
* Hash set filter considerably accelerated for volume snapshots with a huge number of hash set matches. Previous versions will not be able to load hash set matches saved by v18.3 and later any more.
* Child objects of files now inherit the hash category "irrelevant" from their parents. That is possible because if an entire file is irrelevant, everything that can be extracted from that file must also be irrelevant. However, what is extracted from a "notable" file is not necessarily also notable, because perhaps only some parts or aspects of the parent file are notable. Of course, child objects of irrelevant parents will only be output if the user chooses to not omit irrelevant files from further processing in the first place.
* Ability to specifically copy text from the text column as Unicode even when the text column is not displayed in Unicode, or specifically as ANSI-encoded text even when the text column is not displayed as ANSI ASCII, using an additional command in the Edit | Copy menu. This command is potentially important because some users are unfamiliar with fundamental computing concepts like character sets or null-terminated strings, and they think that English language text in UTF-16 (where every other byte is 0x00) is not copied correctly by WinHex/X-Ways Forensics just because a text editor or word processing program that pastes the text naturally truncates it at the first null byte. These users may now notice in the GUI that another option exists, and may decide to give it a try. Previously it was necessary to change the text column to Unicode to copy text as Unicode (which is intuitive, because of "what you see is what you get").
* Automatic progress notifications via e-mail revised. If this feature didn't work for you in previous versions, in particular in the 64-bit edition, you may want to try again. You can now freely specify the SMTP port (by default 25, with 587 also being common) and conduct a test right from the dialog window with the settings (Options | General | Progress notification...). Remember to check your spam folder when looking for incoming automatically generated e-mail messages.
* New registry report output for remote desktop connections defined.
* IPA file type recognition improved.
* Some new file types with ranks as high as 4 and 5 were added.
* Larger preferred thumbnail sizes supported in the gallery. Could be useful for users who prefer really large thumbnails and have a very high resolution display.

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На первую страницук этому сообщениюк последнему сообщению

Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » X-Ways WinHex

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