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* Option to attach external files as child objects to their original counterparts (after decrypting, translation, convertion, OCRing, ...) in multiple evidence objects at the same time automatically if they are named after the unique ID of the original files. You can name the files after the unique ID when you copy them off the image with the Recover/Copy command, and you do not need to preserve the path, as the unique ID already fully identifies the file. Useful if you wish to apply external tools to the copied files which have problems with overlong paths, if you wish to bring back the result into the volume snapshot. The command to attach external files based on unique ID can be found in the context menu of the case.
* For your 9 most important report tables, keyboard shortcuts are now defined also to remove associations from the selected files. Ctrl+n adds the selected files to the related report table, Alt+n removes the associations. Useful if you accidentally press the wrong key combination or if you change your mind about the classification of a file, and wish to preserve associations with several other report tables (otherwise you could of course simply press Ctrl+0).
* Menu command to close the active case without saving it. Usually the case and volume snapshots of all open evidence objects are always saved, at latest when the evidence objects and the case are closed. This may be undesirable for example if you accidentally lost your carefully set tag marks (by untagging all, with a misdirected click in the column header) or if you accidentally lost report table associations (by pressing Ctrl+0 for all selected files). In such a situation it is just important to invoke the new menu command as soon as possible, before the auto-save interval elapses next time. Afterwards you can open the case again, and find everything as it was last time when the case was saved, which means that on average you will only lose half the amount of work that you get done within the auto-save interval, not everything.
* File carving approach revised, which may result in faster processing depending on the data.
* If auto-coloring for FILE records etc. is fully checked, FILETIME structures are now highlighted even if not aligned at a 4-byte boundaries.
* Support for HFS+/HFSJ/HFSX when searching for lost partitions. An extra effort is made to reject false positives automatically. Supports sector sizes 512, 4096, and 8192 bytes.
* Some minor improvements.

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На первую страницук этому сообщениюк последнему сообщению

Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » X-Ways WinHex

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