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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

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Changes in v4.22 - Test 16
- added Clear button for plaintext hotkey
- added Global Clipboard option under Clipboard Monitoring
New:(Edit Clips)
- combined Edit History and Permanent Clips
- new tab for working with other clip databases
- tooltip shown when clipboard is ignored in the current program (Per-Program Options)
- added automated compatibility for running from USB drive, remote folder, or local drive
- Permanent Clips are now imported into the database
- single clips can be deleted from removed clips
- rewritten Popup and Removed clip storage
  NOTES: The program will automatically imports the above clips into a single database file. The old data should be preserved for downgrading. Each install will have its own Popup Clips (and Pinned Clips) list, but Removed Clips is shared.
Fix:(Edit Clips/Macros)
- issue with delete and multiple clips
- visual issue with Databases tab
- Set and Clear buttons not refreshing screen
- replaced About / Help tab
- Find missing on History tab for Removed Clips  
- issue when clearing Removed Clips
Fix:(Edit History)
- empty Removed Clips showing up at the end of the list
- better error detection and reporting for database library
- improved compatibility for database library
- replaced SQLite library
- major speed database improvements
- improved performance saving large clips
- AutoSave issue
- issue loading HTML/RichText clips
- error message when exiting using the Global Clipboard option
- several bug fixes
- error message when loading and pinned clips exist
- (Test 7) doesn't import old clips correctly
- loading optimizations using the database
- date format issue with some regions
- issue with database date format an local system date
- issue with importing Removed Clips when the amount of clips is more than the current configuration setting
- database upgrade routine wasn't setting the version correctly
  NOTES: The "clipdatabase\clips.dat" file must be deleted before running. This will cause the program to re-import data into a known state.
- numerous bug fixes
Fix:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- issue pasting using a Global Hotkey
  NOTES: There is a known issue with this test where it doesn't import the old clips as expected.
- issue when deleting a group
- issue when pasting a clip containing keystrokes
- keystrokes option was not saved in Edit window
- local folders are no longer used
- error may occur when hovering Permanent Clips under All Permanent
- loading of tooltip on the popup slower for Permanent Clips
- issue when clip list change while popup is open
- (Test 7) wrong Permanent Clips shown
- "Clipboard Only" header no longer shown on popup if default paste method is Clipboard Only
Fix:(Search and Paste)
- extremely slow searches
- issue when clicking system tray tooltip

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На первую страницук этому сообщениюк последнему сообщению

Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » Утилиты буфера обмена | Clipboard Managers

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