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What's new in version (03.01.2019)
- Fixed: After some Windows updates, the Connections Log may remain empty and the
notifications might not be displayed anymore. The auditing settings will now be
reapplied on each WFC startup to ensure the functionality.
What's new in version (26.02.2019)
- Improved: When changing the profile in WFC, if the inbound connections are allowed,
which is a security risk, they will be set to be by default blocked. If they are
already set to be blocked or all blocked (through WFwAS) then their status will be
- Fixed: The profile reported in WFC might not be accurate on the first run if the
outbound filtering has different values for different locations.
- Fixed: The connected location displayed in WFC is displayed as 'VPN' instead of
'Public' when multiple network adapters are active.
- Fixed: Checking for updates is made through http instead of https.
What's new in version (27.02.2019)
- Fixed: The installer can't continue if another security software is registered in
Windows Security Center with firewall capabilities.
- Fixed: In some cases, the connected location is reported Public instead of Private.
- Fixed: The uninstall process does not always remove all files.
- Fixed: The tabs width in Main Panel has a fixed width which prevents the tab name
to be displayed completely.
What's new in version (04.03.2019)
- New: The notifications for svchost.exe include now the service name which generated
the blocked connection under the Name. Creating a rule for svchost.exe from the
notification dialog will always include the service in the newly created rule.
- New: Connections Log has now a new column for the Service name which is used by
svchost.exe. The lookup is made based on the ProcessID, therefore for older entries,
the exact service name can't be detected.
- Fixed: The width of some strings from Dashboard was extended to display properly
when a different language is used.
- Fixed: Rules properties are not updated in Rules Panel if they are open while
changing the user interface language.
- Fixed: Some group names are not displayed correctly in Rules Panel.
What's new in version (04.01.2020)
- Fixed: Due to the latest SSL improvements on the hosting server, the check for a
new version does not work anymore.
- Fixed: During install/update, after the UAC prompt, for 1-2 seconds is displayed
the previous page instead of the progress page.
- Fixed: The uninstaller does not work if the WFC service can not be initialized.
- Fixed: In some rare cases, the uninstaller may hang during the uninstallation.
- Fixed: Sorting by Time Generated column in Connections Log does not work.
What's new in version (24.06.2020)
- Fixed: Properties dialog is not displayed anymore if two or more Windows services
have the same Display Name.
- Fixed: The service name for svchost.exe notifications is detected only for the Windows
services that are already running when WFC service starts. If a Windows service is started
after, the notification will not detect the Windows service that triggered the notification.
- Fixed: Unhandled exception is logged if certain files are missing from the
installation folder.
- Fixed: When editing a rule details in the Notification dialog, the rule name
can be set as one or several empty spaces.
- Fixed: Properties dialog can't apply changes to a rule if the path of the rule
is not accessible or not found. This limitation was removed. Also the tooltip was
updated since a rule with red text does not always mean the file is not found, it can also
mean the file is not accessible (file located in a folder of another user account,
encrypted location, etc).
- Fixed: In Notification dialog the text (Yes, No, Not valid) under Signed property is
not localized.
What's new in version (27.06.2020)
- Improved: Detecting invalid rules is now made at service level instead of UI level,
meaning that the rules defined for files that are not accessible are not detected
anymore as invalid.
- Fixed: Connections Log loading time increased after last update if Security log
contains older entries for processes that are not running anymore.

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На первую страницук этому сообщениюк последнему сообщению

Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control | BiniSoft WFC

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