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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

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1. How to import sieves from a file.

  1. In Imagus Settings, go to the "Sieves" tab.
  2. Click the "Import" button (down arrow).
  3. Check the "Delete data" before import option. All existing sieves will be removed, and then sieves from the file will be added.
  4. Click the "From file" button, select the previously downloaded file on disk.
  5. On the right, click the "Save" button.


2. How to add/update a filter from a json-string.
For example, add the sieve {"B_parovoz.com": {"img": "(parovoz \\. Com \\ / gallery) \\ / icons (\\ / [A-Z0-9] + \\ / \\ d { 8} _ \\ d {6}) - s (\\. Jpg) "," to ":" $ 1 $ 2 $ 3 "}}

  1. In Imagus Settings, go to the "Sieves" tab.
  2. Click the "Import" button (down arrow).
  3. Mark the "Replace existing data" option.
  4. Insert the sieve text into the input field {"B_parovoz.com": {"img" ...}.
  5. Click the "From text" button. New sieve appear in top-left corner of sieves.
  6. The new sieve should appear in the upper left corner in the Sieves tab.
  7. On the right, click the "Save" button.


3. How to select / disable / delete / export / rename sieves.
Before enabling/disabling, deleting or exporting a sieve, you must select it.
You can select a specific sieve in Imagus in the same way as a file in Explorer - CTRL + LMB. If you need to select several sieves, hold down CTRL and select as many as needed.
- Remove selected/all filters - button [-] ("Remove all or selected")
- Disable selected/all filters - button [crossed out circle] ("Disable/enable all or selected")
- Export selected/all filters - button [up arrow] ("Export all or selected")
As follows from the names of these buttons, if ANYTHING is not selected, then the action is performed with ALL sieves (ALL sieves are selected/deleted/exported).
SHIFT + RMB on the sieve name. Press ENTER to save the rename. Cancellation of changes - ESC.
After operations with deleting/changing sieves, press the SAVE button.

4. Basic rules for creating sieves.
Pretty much everything you need to know is regular expressions (and some JavaScript and HTML).
  • link: regular expression; works with the "href" attribute of the link (A tag).
  • url: replacement; is only meaningful when the next parameter "res" is specified. Generates a URL for "res" if something other than a link or image url is required.
  • res: regular expression; if there is no way to get the url of the enlarged image using the "link" or "img" parameters, then the page is loaded in the background (if the "url" parameter is not specified, then the link or image addresses will be used, otherwise - the replacement from "url "), and its contents are searched for a match to the image address.
  • img: regular expression; for the "src" attribute of the IMG tag, or style = "background-image: url (thumbnail_address)" for any element.
  • to: [multiple] replacement or function; the link or image url will be replaced with this expression applied to the "link" or "img" values.
  • note: note.
    If the "res" parameter is specified, then you do not need to specify anything in "to", the contents of the first group of brackets "()" are automatically returned there.
  • Loop: double-check the result, for example, a link in Google Pictures may point to a thumbnail from Twitter, then when you turn on the loop for Google Pictures, the recognized Twitter thumbnail will be processed again, and thus an enlarged image will be obtained.
  • DecodeURL: Some providers, like Bing, Yandex, put the encoded image address as a parameter in the URL.
  • Prioritize img over link: If both "link" or "res" and "img" are specified, then "img" will be preferred.
    The rules are not site-specific, so all rules will be checked on any site when you hover the mouse over a link or an object such as a thumbnail. If the "link" parameter is not specified or no match is found and "img" is present, then "img" will be used for the link address as well (in the case of thumbnail links), so there is no need to set the same value for "link" and "img" , one "img" is enough (implemented in v0.8.10).
    A basic document for working on seives compiled from developer replies.

    5. Instruction for replacing the update address.
    For Chromium-based browsers only!
    1. Go to the "Info" tab on the extension settings page.
    2. Click the "Import" button (arrow down).
    3. Select the "Delete data before import" checkbox.
    4. Insert the following line into the text field:
    {"sieveRepository": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wvxwxvw/Imagus_sieve_RuBoard/master/updated.txt", "sieve": ""}
    and click the "From text" button.
    5. Go to the "Sieves" tab, click the "Update Sieves" button (double downward arrow), then "OK" in the pop-up window.
    6. Click the "Save" button.
    This must be done once after installing each new version, after which you can update the sieves in the usual way.
    You can also turn on automatic updates, but DO NOT turn it on if you are editing sieves yourself! The update will completely overwrite the previous set.
    You can return the original update address with a line:
    {"sieve_repository": "https://tiny.cc/Imagus-sieve", "sieve": ""}.

    6. What do the different colors of the loading indicator (rotating icon) mean?
    NB: In rare cases, the color of the indicator can be distorted by the external style of the page (for example, when using the Stylus/Stylebot extensions, etc.), therefore, in cases where there are doubts about the color of the indicator, it is better to temporarily disable external styles.

    The page is parsed to obtain a link to the media file (s).  
    The media file started loading.
    NB: If the media file has not been loaded yet, but the rotating indicator is still white, then it makes sense to wait (within reasonable limits, for example, 60-120 seconds).

    Failed to load media file (not found, server not available, invalid media format ...).
    Failure to parse the page or reasons similar to "RED".
    JavaScript error in the rule.
    NB: If the rotating indicator has changed its color to RED/YELLOW/GRAY, then there is no point in waiting, waiting will bring nothing.

    7. About the need to install the SIMPLE MODIFY HEADERS extension.
    version for Chrome and Chromium based browsers
    version for FireFox
    At the moment it is necessary for the correct work of Imagus rules on 5 sites:
    Imagefap (video)
    ImageShack (internal albums)
    Juststream.live (only for Firefox Developer Edition / Nightly and patched version of the Imagus)
    TikTok (external links)
    YouTube (external links - for Chromium browsers)
    The list of rules is updated in the same way as the list of sieves - as rules are added/removed.
    The current list of rules for Simple-Modify-Headers can be downloaded in one file with sieve updates (permalink in the SIEVES in the topic header).
    NB! Before importing, all old rules (if any) will be removed, this is the feature of the extension.

    8. Choosing a sieve for YouTube.
    At the moment, there are 5 rules for YouTube in our rule-set:  
    Always enabled:
    To choose from:
    O_youtube_video (enabled by default)
    You can select (ie enable) only one of these sieves, with the exception of R_YouTube_redirect - it is always enabled.  
    You can read about the pros and cons of each sieve in the note to the sieve: Settings - "Sieves" tab - sieve - "note" field (the lowest).  

    9. About banning sieves for porn sites (NSFW)
    Since one of the users complained to the moderator about the Imagus sieves for porn sites (which have been present in it for many years and have never raised any objections), containing the names of those same sites in the name, the open publication of rules for NSFW sites is now prohibited in this topic.
    Please hide all links for NSFW-sites under "MORE" tag:
    Or send me via Private Messages. Everything will be added to the rule-set, but without posting on the forum, so as not to break the rules.
    Also, as an alternative source for publishing rules, there is always an Imagus group on Reddit, there are no such restrictions. At the moment, I take an active part in it (under the same nickname - kenko2) and if something new appears, I always add it to our rule-set (under the O_ tag - "Others").

    10. Alternative styles for the Imagus Settings page.
    NB: The replacement works in Opera, Cent, 360 and most likely many other Chromium browsers. At the moment, there is no easy way to replace in Chrome/Edge (built-in integrity check) and FireFox/WaterFox etc (different extension format) browsers.  
    Not fully compatible with dark browser theme - when you have the option enabled: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark.
    1. Intense Yellow (Trebuchet MS)
    https://fpic.in/YS2XjQk | https://fpic.in/AOX9otF | https://fpic.in/HEDLVC1
    2. Light Gray (Trebuchet MS)
    https://fpic.in/YgVTiP1 | https://fpic.in/g4Ij9Ya | https://fpic.in/obcCR16
    3. Dark Gray (Trebuchet MS)
    https://fpic.in/bsKuboH | https://fpic.in/w0gTtmV | https://fpic.in/OMKbSw6
    4. Dark Gray (Arial Narrow)
    https://fpic.in/F4bDHiQ | https://fpic.in/HaXDIIq | https://fpic.in/qNKxl2C
    All you need to do is replace the options.css file in the extension folder. Approximate path:
    X:\XXX\XXX\User Data\Default\Extensions\immpkjjlgappgfkkfieppnmlhakdmaab\\css\options.css
    You don't need to restart your browser, just refresh the settings page.
    Dark Theme for Imagus when you're in "Force Dark Mode for Web Contents"  
    (you can use it when you enable chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark).

    11. NB: About the suspension of support for Imagus by the developer.
    At the moment (July 2021), the development of both Imagus itself and sieves for it by the author (Deathamns / snmahtaeD) has been stopped (perhaps finally), you can read about the reasons here.
    However, there are no serious reasons for concern yet. The extension continues to be fully functional. The extension has the best interface and functionality among analogs, as well as the largest set of relevant sieves for websites. For this reason, the author did not (yet?) remove it from the CWS (Chrome Web Store) and Firefox Addons.
    Sieves for Imagus are regularly updated and checked for relevance by our group (at the moment it is primarily Baton34V).

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