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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

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> If you encounter problems with a rules, the first step is to make sure that the latest version of the sieves is loaded.
> Highly recommended to first read the note to the sieve: Settings - Sieves tab - look for a Sieve - open it - look at the "note" field (the lowest). Perhaps there is already information to solve the problem.

- In the Settings it is necessary to set the "Preload images" parameter to "No preload". Otherwise, serious problems may arise with some sites, such as blocking an account on Instagram, etc.  
- It is also worth checking the "Minimum size-difference to zoom" parameter in Settings - if it is higher than 30% - the showing images/videos on mouse over may simply not work.
- For greater clarity, it is recommended to enable the "Mark scalable elements" option in the Settings, for example by selecting the "change cursor" option.
- To show the video, it is recommended to enable autoplay in the browser settings (if it was turned off);
NB: It is forbidden to change the order (sequence of arrangement) of the rules in our rule-set starting from the rule for zerochan.net - this may make some rules inoperable.


It happens that when you hover the cursor over a thumbnail, a rule does not work. Possible fixes:
- If the color of the spinning indicator is greenish or white, you just need to wait until the site itself reacts and the image is loaded;
(The waiting period should be within reasonable limits - if the picture does not appear for more than 40-60 seconds - you should not wait further in most cases, this is most likely an error, although there are exceptions, for example, a slow proxy, low connection speed, etc.).
- Try to re-hover the cursor over the thumbnail;
- Sometimes you need to hover the cursor not over a thumbnail, but over the title/text associated with it (if any). Usually this information is already available in the rule note; 
- "White screen" (Chrome) or "frozen frame" (FireFox) instead of video - the latest versions of browsers prohibit on some pages, for example, Instagram, autoplay of videos without confirming user activity. Before hovering over the video thumbnail, you need to "activate the page" - click on it (LMB).

The most difficult case is when the color of the "spinning wheel" - the loading indicator - changes to yellow, gray or red, this already indicates an error. In such cases, it is recommended:  
1. Clear browser cache, cookies, restart browser.
2. Go to the same page of the site through a proxy (in some countries, certain domains are blocked).  
3. Check Imagus operation on a "clean" browser - without extensions, or with disabled extensions (except Imagus) - it happens that an extension interferes with Imagus's work. Most often these are incorrectly configured ad-blockers and content blockers like uBlock / uMatrix or scripts like "Adlist" in TamperMonkey / Violentmonkey.  
4. Test the rule in another browser. Ideally, it is desirable for these purposes to have at hand a couple of "clean" portable browsers with default settings and without other extensions - one Chome or Chromium browser (Chrome, Opera, Cent, Edge, 360 etc.), another Firefox, this will allow you to check any problematic rule quickly and without unnecessary manipulations.
If the sieve really does not work, you need to report this in the Reddit community (with an example of a broken link and an indication of the name and version of the browser).

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » Imagus | Viewhance (Часть 1)

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