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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo

Модерирует : gyra, Maz

Maz (18-09-2021 11:48): 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo (Часть 4)  Версия для печати • ПодписатьсяДобавить в закладки
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Дед Мазай
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November 15, 2019 Update (11.0.2251.0): New  
 1. Fixes an issue where the favorite icon doesn't display properly after logging in using a verification code  
 2. Fix the problem that Javascript and picture features can't sync in advanced settings  
 3. Merge a vulnerability of Chrome  
 4. Add HARICA (Greek CA) root certificate 3
August 30, 2019 Update (11.0.2216.0):
1. Fix video playback card issues caused by WPS  
2. Fix JD.The JD.com page caused by 301 jump cache causes an open problem  
3. Fix the problem of using Extreme Speed 7 skin, and become the default skin after setting wallpaper in a new tab
4. Fix the problem that Tencent Sports Live video enters the small window when the ad plays the small window the video content does not load out
August 1, 2019 Update (11.0.2179.0):
1.Trust iTrust Two Root Certificates  
2. Fix some bugs
4 July 2019 Update (11.0.2140.0):
1. Resolves user feedback issues for translating yellow bars and new tabs;  
2. The address bar adds the function of searching for associative word.
May 31, 2019 Update (11.0.2116.0):
1. Add mobile phone number shortcut login  
2. Screenshot optimization, icon support hidden
May 17, 2019 Update (11.0.2086.0):
 1. Fix the problem with soft solution Bilibili video Full-screen cartridge carton  
 2. Fix the problem of adding hao123 Web page to other favorites in the Favorites bar after the Taobao coupon Assistant extends installation
April 26, 2019 (11.0.2052.0):
 1, easy to use screenshot function  
 2, add instructions to add a search engine  
 3, repair the phone image mode to save the image is not complete  
 4, repair jisu7 skin and wallpaper when loading web pages, tab no animation problem  
 5, fix some webpage video can not adjust the volume of the problem  
 6, fix the problem of using the virtual keyboard on the touch screen using the browser
March 29, 2019 Update (11.0.2031.0):
1, support for fast mode pop-up window open  
2, repair the collection bar two phone favorites problem  
3, repair line crash
March 13, 2019 Update (11.0.2000.0):
 1. Supports tls 1.3 protocol  
 2, new power saving mode function  
 3, new version of new tab page  
 4, Fix the problem of incomplete display of video content on individual websites.  
 5. Fix the problem that the new version of win10 cannot fix the taskbar.  
 6. Compatible with the installation of low version extension
February 28, 2019 Update (11.0.1414.0):
 1, Support TLS 1.3 protocol  
 2, Fix an issue where the site icon is not displayed when a fixed label plays a sound  
 3, Fix an issue where the icon at the Speed browser pop-up version number is not updated to the browser's new style icon  
 4, Repair Add search engine "Google Translate" display icons and search bar search engine "Google Translate" icon shows inconsistent issues  
 5, Fix an issue where the mouse drags a new label in unmarked mode and the login status of the page is lost  
 6, Fixed an issue where the tab bar in the non-active state was in the hover state
January 24, update (11.0.1393.0):
1. Locally join the 360 trusted root certificate display  
2. Fix some bugs
January 17, update (11.0.1356.0):
1. Resolve the crash of 12,306 click Login
2. Fix lost problems with Mac configuration synchronization to win
3. Fixes an issue where the address bar displays overlap when you shrink a browser window
4. Fixes an issue where an expanded collection is filled with a browser window when you delete a collection, and the Expanded Favorites list panel displays an unusual location
5. Fixes an issue where the browser window turns black after the local delete wallpaper picture restarts the browser
6. Modified the service handler icon to click on the address bar after logging into Google mailbox, the problem of browser crash
January 9, 2019 Update (11.0.1331.0):
1. Optimize root certificate plan
2. Fix an issue where the background is black when the wallpaper is set to start
3. Fixed a problem with dark skin
4. Fix line crashes and other problem optimizations
December 21 Update (11.0.1311.0):
1. Optimize skin  
2. HTTP page Security Warning yellow stripe logic optimization to reduce user interference
3. Fixed a problem with not being able to play Netflix video
4. Fix a crash when the Refresh button animation occurs
December 17 update (11.0.1287.0):
1. Optimize New Skin
2. 360 New Certificate Plans
3. Fixed some known bugs
4. Optimize software performance and usage experience
Updated on December 7 (11.0.1262.0):
1. Optimize new skin
2. Fix the problem of restoring the default wallpaper logic
3. Fixed an issue where wallpaper could not be set again after restoring default settings
4. Fixed a new normal window when the recovery page list is empty. The recovery page button is not grayed out.
5. Fix print-jump-management, jump to printer page issue
6. Fixed an issue that caused the browser to crash repeatedly by switching the browser
7. Fix online crash
Updated on December 3 (11.0.1237.0):
1. Added two skins
2. Optimize Wallpaper Display Issues
3. Fix partial crash issues
4. Optimize translation of language display collation on yellow bars
5. Troubleshoot issues where favorites don't show favorites
6. Problems with code loss when optimizing kernel upgrades
7. Troubleshoot problems with closing labels without animations
8. Optimize Address bar recommended URLs
9. Troubleshoot special page level two pages that do not jump properly
10. Troubleshoot the "Open in New label" feature failure
November 27 Update (11.0.1216.0):
1. Added extremely fast 11 skin
2. Large Avatar panel Display optimization
3. Fixed problem with unsynchronized tab bar options between browser window and no-trace window
4. Fix a problem with not being able to log on to NetEase's website in compatibility mode
5. Fixed extremely fast browser proxy information error problem
6. Fixes an issue where changing the maximum title value of the Favorites bar and changing the wallpaper causes the collection bar to display text
7. Fix the problem of running 360 extremely fast browser crashes using the 360 security guard isolation sandbox on XP systems
8. Fix an issue where some sites do not support Flash plug-ins
9. Modifying the Logic of Web page language recognition
Updated on November 19th (11.0.1183.0):
1. Fixes the problem of playing YouTube video crashes.  
2. Optimized performance.  
3. Modify some of the features that don't work.  
4. Fix the problem of UI layout exceptions.  
5. Fix the UI and logic issues caused by the upgrade.
6. Optimize password Form Fill features.
Updated on November 16th (11.0.1156.0):
1. Optimize AD interception pop-up window UI  
2. Optimize performance
3. Fix an issue where IFRAME interception does not take effect in extreme speed mode  
4. Logic for optimizing the forward back button of the main interface
5. Fixed an issue where the lookup icon for the address bar did not disappear when the lookup bar was closed  
6. Fixed an issue where tabs could not be closed continuously
7. Fix an issue where switching skin causes buttons not to appear
8. Optimize Password forms
9. Fix the problem with Tiger teeth feedback video card
10. Fixed an issue where the option page ' Import settings from other browsers ' did not actually import data
November 6 Update (11.0.1119.0):
1. Upgrade to 69.0.3497.100  
2. Optimized password form
3. Fix the problem that the browser automatically switches to the extremely fast 7 skin
4. Repair of the problem of the death of the Ppflash in the bucket fish
5. Modify a number of user feedback issues
October 29 Update (11.0.1100.0):
1. Rising to 69.0.3497.81
2. Fix some bugs
October 22 Update (11.0.1077.0):
 Upgrade to Chromium 69 core

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo
Maz (18-09-2021 11:48): 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo (Часть 4)

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